Protect your family from intruders and your gun!
Protect your family from intruders and your gun!

Safe and Secure Shotgun Mount

Our patented mount is the ideal solution for securing your home defense shotgun from children, unauthorized family members and intruders while allowing you to quickly put it into action in an emergency situation.  The motion combination keeps it secure and allows you to open it by feel in complete darkness.


Made in the USA, this mount adapts to fit most pump, semi-automatic and over/under shotguns without mounted optics. It mounts securely to the wall, floor or other sturdy surface.  Our patented mount has three parts, Mount Body, Trigger Guard Cover and Lock Bar and uses a Master Lock 1500iD "Speed Lock" to secure it.  The Mount Body covers the shotgun's receiver and prevents access to the ejection port.  The Trigger Guard Cover prevents access to the trigger, safety, loading/ejection ports, and action release. Once the Trigger Guard Cover is in place the Lock Bar secures it tight against the shotgun and allows the Speed Lock to secure the assembly.  This mount allows you to keep your shotgun stored in a half-load configuration (action forward and closed on an empty chamber, feed tube with shells in it and safety on) and prevents a shell from being accidentally or intentionally loaded while locked in the mount. To remove the shotgun, all that you need to do is move the Speed Lock's combo knob four direction combination and remove the lock, push the Lock Bar out of the assembly, and  remove the shotgun from the mount.  Load a shell in the chamber and you are ready. It is very quick and can be done in complete darkness by feel alone!

This device can be mounted almost anywhere you want as long as it can be attached to a substantial structure such as a wall stud, floor or concrete surface.  Recommended mounting locations include, walls behind doors, in closets, under the bed or other similar locations. Lock colors vary in between black, blue, red or purple.

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