Protect your family from intruders and your gun!
Protect your family from intruders and your gun!

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Liberty Quartermasters develops and provides unique products to prepare you for adventurous outdoor endeavors and potential contingency situations that could arise.  Home safety is important to us and we hope that it is a priority in your family as well.  That is why we have developed the Safe and Secure Shotgun Mount; to balance home defense with firearms safety.  Who says you can't have both? Our patented mount gives you both.

We were just awarded our patent for our Safe and Secure Shotgun Mount!

Visit our good friends and partners at Capital City Outfitters in Hilliard, OH and their webpage at:


Check out the Master Lock Speed Lock:

If you have a retail store and are interested in carrying our mount drop us a line.

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Safe/Secure Shotgun Mount  Just out, our new Safe and Secure Shotgun Mount!  Safe/Secure Shotgun Mount

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